Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Sometimes it is not always possible to have an extension built due to the lack of outdoor space you have around your home but the need for extra room is vital.  An ideal solution would be to have a loft conversion built instead.  Some loft conversions may not need planning permission making them even more desirable. They are often a popular choice for those not wanting to move house, because a loft conversion can be a lot cheaper than moving away from the place you call home.

Your new hip to gable loft conversion can potentially add value to your home. It would be a good selling point if you ever did think about moving. This type of loft conversion will not need planning permission although we do always recommend that you check with your local authorities that this is still the case in your area.

With the right design, real expert advice and exert building we can add to your interior space with the perfect conversion to suit the home and the needs of the family. A hip to gable loft conversion is ideal for these types of properties:

If you have a mid-terraced house, then we will advise you to go for a different type of loft conversion. Perhaps a mansard would be more ideal.

As experts in the field, we adhere to all building regulations and offer our customers a superior design and build service, from scratch.

  • Bungalow
  • Semi-detached house
  • Detached house
  • End Terrace


A hipped roof is typical of an end terrace, detached or semi-detached home with ‘hipped’ meaning sloped to the side, or both sides of the house.

The angle of the roof at one side, or both, basically means that the roof has to be redesigned in order to make the roof space habitable – so that it’s possible to stand up in the room.

Hip to Gable Loft

This type of loft conversion is not suitable for mid terrace homes. A hip to gable conversions gives you extra space and does not require planning permission, though you may need it if any physical changes are made to the roof structure and its appearance.

To replace the angled roof, a timber framed gable is inserted so that the floor beams can be supported and extra space added. Then the roof is finished off with tiles.

For roofs that can’t accommodate a total re-structuring, side dormers are sometimes an alternative.

Our sales and design team from Essex Loftspace can offer expert advice on which type of loft conversion is best to suit your hipped roof.

Hip to Gable loft

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